Have you ever caught your kid making videos, attempting to nail every move in a 10-part TikTok dance routine? If you have, you’re probably familiar with how tempting it is for kids to jump into the latest TikTok trends. TikTok has become a major part of the culture for tweens and teens, shaping everything from their style and language to the music they listen to and the memes they share.

TikTok trends have evolved beyond just viral dance crazes; now they include intricate skits, layered jokes, collaborative music, creatively edited videos, and more. Remember when everyone was belting out sea shanties a few months back? That’s just one example of the trends that originate from this popular app! Most of them are harmless and even quite imaginative. However, there’s a flip side – some challenges that go viral pose serious risks to kids who are chasing TikTok fame. While these dangerous challenges keep changing, we wanted to provide you with a guide to some of the most noteworthy ones – both the fun and the risky ones. Take a look at our list of popular TikTok trends below.

Laughter takes center stage on TikTok, where puns, skits, and funny observations thrive across a variety of topics. Trends on TikTok often revolve around a particular format or sound, spreading like wildfire thanks to the magic of hashtags. While the humor category is generally harmless, there’s a flip side – occasionally, it can take a turn into one of the risky TikTok challenges when users attempt stunts that could lead to physical harm or danger, all in the pursuit of a more intense reaction from their audience.

Starting the Day on TikTok

start day with tiktok

In these TikTok trends, users sync up with a child’s singing lyrics, narrating their journey to overcome a tough moment in life. The video then abruptly shifts to a clip from the user’s past that captures a moment of embarrassment or awkwardness. This trend resonates particularly with Gen Z, given their abundance of easily accessible (and cringe-worthy!) video material from their younger years.

Whimsical Clown Chronicles

a guys with clown filter

On TikTok, these light-hearted, self-deprecating trends embrace a vibrant and interactive clown filter accompanied by playful music. Users leverage this filter to share instances where they playfully admit to having acted like a “clown” – recalling moments of silliness or embarrassment. It’s a humorous nod to the fact that using the clown emoji in texts carries a similar meaning! 🤡

Artistic Movements

Regardless of your stance on TikTok, it’s difficult not to marvel at the creativity displayed in certain videos. From seamlessly stitching scenes together to incorporating sound effects and text, users showcase their unique expressions. These creative trends encourage users to delve into their inner worlds or life experiences and connect with others through their artistic creations.

A Day Unveiled

share you day on tiktok

Ever wondered about the diverse activities that fill a person’s day? Dive into the “Day in the Life” trend, where users create a lively montage of their daily routines set to an upbeat tune. This genre boasts thousands of videos featuring individuals of all ages and backgrounds from cities worldwide. While it’s not typically considered one of the risky TikTok challenges, participants should be cautious, as inadvertently sharing private information could make them susceptible to cyber threats.

Rent-Free Headspace Videos

These videos kick off with a shared clip of a woman asking for examples of videos that people can’t get out of their heads (“rent-free” implying constant pondering for no apparent reason). Users then select a favorite scene from a movie, TV show, or meme to seamlessly integrate into the questioning video.

Despite its popularity among kids, TikTok also draws a significant adult audience. This dual appeal sometimes results in trends that were never intended for children, particularly those with explicit or mature themes. These videos can inadvertently fuel the emergence of hazardous TikTok challenges, occasionally slipping through traditional parental controls. It highlights the importance of staying vigilant as parents and guardians in navigating the content landscape on the platform.

Silhouette Sensation

This daring challenge, not safe for work (NSFW), incorporates a red-light filter and a swift edit, revealing the user striking a provocative pose in a doorway – sometimes adorned in lingerie or nothing at all. Originally intended as a body-empowerment trend for adults, it took an unexpected turn when an editing trick to remove the filter circulated, exposing creators without their intended cover. Given the scanty attire often worn in these videos, the challenge poses a significant risk, making it one of the more severe and perilous TikTok challenges for underage users.

Buss It Motion

Set to the beats of Erica Banks’ hit song, this challenge prompts users to execute a slow-motion squat-and-bounce routine. While it doesn’t inherently have to be suggestive – and many versions aren’t – a significant number tend to escalate to an R-rated level.

These are the TikTok trends that often make headlines – challenges that lure kids in and can lead to injuries or worse. Frequently, they originate from rumors suggesting that everyday items might induce a high or produce unexpected physical effects.

Children are prone to experimenting with things they come across online, especially when their peers showcase such activities on their favorite platform, potentially gaining popularity. At this stage, kids are still in the process of learning to distinguish between truth and falsehood. Despite their eagerness, they’re still kids, and the critical thinking part of their brains is still under development.

Note: While the listed examples were prominent at one point, viral trends can resurface periodically, similar to the Momo Challenge.

Benadryl Roulette

In this concerning trend, teenagers challenge each other to ingest excessive amounts of Benadryl, an allergy medication, aiming to induce hallucinations. Despite its typical drowsy effects, in large doses, Benadryl can be fatal. This perilous challenge has tragically led to the death of a teenager, marking it as one of the most hazardous TikTok challenges on the platform.

The Blackout Dilemma

A similarly perilous trend involves attempting to hold one’s breath, either manually or using items like a belt, until losing consciousness. Also recognized as the “Pass Out Challenge,” this activity puts kids at risk of losing consciousness, with potential consequences ranging from severe brain damage to fatality.

Pregnancy Test Misconception Challenge

A dangerous trend emerged during the past winter, fueled by a rumor claiming that pregnancy tests secretly contain “Plan B” emergency contraception pills. Despite efforts by the test manufacturers to dispel the viral myth, explaining that the tablet is just silica gel meant to absorb moisture, numerous teens engaged in this perilous trend.

As with any fleeting trend, TikTok crazes swiftly change. It’s crucial to maintain ongoing conversations with your kids about the content they encounter on the platform. This way, you can gauge their exposure and discuss the potential risks and consequences associated with concerning challenges and popular TikTok trends. If you’re seeking kid-friendly accounts with minimal risks, we’ve got some recommendations that the entire family can enjoy! Additionally, explore more about what’s happening in your kid’s world here.