In the era of social media prominence, one cannot help but turn to Instagram as a popular platform among all age groups ranging from children up. Of course, more and more kids are appearing on Instagram where various issues are discussed. Here are some key issues associated with kids using Instagram:

1. Cyberbullying:

Instagram can be used to cyberbully children; harmful comments, messages or even pictures posted there may hurt their mental health.

2. Inappropriate Content Exposure:

On the one hand, this abundance of content available on the platform means kids are often exposed to inappropriate or even harmful material which affects their perception of what is appropriate when using online.

3. Privacy Concerns:

Young people may not fully understand the significance of privacy settings, putting them at risk for data breaches or unwanted attention from strangers.

4. Social Pressure and Comparison:

Instagram is visual-oriented and presents curated content that can generate social pressure and unrealistic standards, making the kids compare themselves with others and thus risk developing self-esteem issues.

5. Screen Time Impact:

Inappropriate use of Instagram can result in increased screen time for children, which may impact negatively on their physical health and academic performance.

6. Parental Supervision Challenges:

It is not easy for parents to monitor the activities of children online on Instagram because social media keeps evolving.

As Instagram remains a major player in the digital arena, overcoming these challenges will require joint efforts from parents, learning institutions and even the app itself. The best ways to minimize these problems are encouraging open communication with your kid about their online lives and educating him on proper social media conduct.

Remember that developing a secure cyber space for children is joint effort. Inform, participate and assist the young generation in navigating cyber space wisely.